From the time we are born, everyone tries to teach us what they know.  We spend a lifetime learning whether in school, college, from parents, guardians, etc.   Sure we learn a lot of great things in life – things to help us do more than just “survive” in our world.  Along the way, some of our experiences teach us that we’re not good enough, we learn to feel like we’ve lost a part of us, we learn to regret things, we learn to put ourselves last.  The list goes on and on.  Everything we experience builds layers onto our essence, onto our being.   Do they really reflect our inner goodness?  Our inner beauty?   Are you comfortable with yourself?  Do you love yourself?  Why not make a conscious choice today, right now to rediscover yourself,  reawaken your inner being, and find the inner healing you’ve been seeking?

Our culture and our beliefs influence how we treat and respond to death. When someone we love departs this lifetime, it’s often unexpected and leaves us with regrets of unfinished business or unspoken words.   It might have also created inner conflict because of unanswered questions.   We feel a sense of loss. These emotions, feelings, all add to the list of things that we carry on our journey.  How long will you carry these things with you in life?

These “things” are not a part of our pure essence, or being.  Sooner or later your soul will seek ways to return to your true essence.   It’s possible to let go of some of those beliefs, some of those things that has weighed you down, things that you’ve carried with you.  Allow your energy to flow like it was a river in the springtime! Release those things that are not serving your highest good.  You’ve come to the right place – let the Soultalker help with an intuitive medium reading or a reiki energy session.